Throughout the academic school year and during breaks, we hold workshops and other events designed to help students through the rigors of college. The best way to be notified for upcoming State Street Events events is to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook!


Our webinars are designed to inform parents and professionals of the challenges college students face and how they can work to through them and become successful. Each webinar is 30 minutes followed by a Q&A and starts at 11AM CST.

Instructions: Click the links below and RSVP on Eventbrite. You will be sent instructions on how to participate once you RSVP.

  • February 5: How Coaching Can Empower Students
    • One of the most important factors for success is believing that we can succeed. College life is no different. This webinar will examine the ways in which students can benefit from coaching and, in particular, build a more positive outlook towards school.
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  • March 11: Anxiety & the College Student
    • Anxiety has become a normal part of life for many college students. It can derail, paralyze, and impede on a student’s academic progress. There are strategies and goals that students can set in order to work successfully through this anxiety.
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  • April 8: How to Build Confidence
    • Sometimes, the one thing holding us back are our own thoughts and doubts. Confidence is essential for a college student to succeed. This webinar will explore how college students can build up their confidence and academic success.
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  • May 6: Reflection & Evaluation
    • Reflection and Evaluation are powerful tools. They can be used to make changes, set goals, and reach new heights. This presentation will explore how college students can incorporate this into their lives. 
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