With universities going completely virtual through the end of the year, we have created a package for students to start working with us immediately. For more information, email info@statestreeteducation.

The Coaching Package:                                               

Each student will be paired up with one of our coaches on staff. Our main coaching package below includes a weekly coaching meeting, unlimited texting and emailing, and 4 free hours in our virtual study group each week (9-11 am CST each day).

 In this meeting they will work to map out the students work, structure their daily and weekly schedules, create deadlines, set goals, and support the student through this odd academic period. 

Can I add more sessions than one per week?
Yes absolutely. If you want your student to meet with a coach more frequently because you are concerned about their ability to independently manage their work and remain productive, you can add more sessions each week at a prorated charge.

How do I start?
You can email us at We try to get students started as quickly as possible. We ask that you and your student participate in a 30 minute, free consultation. We will get started shortly thereafter.

The Comprehensive Coaching Package:

Do you feel like meeting once per week isn’t enough? In the comprehensive package, we will meet with students 5 times each week. One meeting will be one hour in length and four meetings will be 30 minutes each. This will help students who need to be working with a coach every single day of the week and make sure that they have the planning, work habits, and accountability that they need in order to be successful.

The Virtual Study Room - $20/hr

Students can join a virtual study room. Each room will be monitored by a supervisor who checks in with students. The study room is meant to replicate a library environment. It will be held over google hangouts and will give students an accountability system and person so that they can get more work done. Students can join the room, get their work done, and then go on with their day.

One-on-One Supervision - $30/hr

Need more support than a room full of students? Need more accountability? Schedule a one-on-one supervision session. This will allow a student to work with a coach on the sole purpose of being productive and getting work. The time is structured to be work time, with minimal talking besides some check-ins with the student.


Our webinars are designed to inform parents and professionals of the challenges college students face and how they can work to through them and become successful. Each webinar is 30 minutes followed by a Q&A and starts at 11AM CST.

Instructions: Click the links below and RSVP on Eventbrite. You will be sent instructions on how to participate once you RSVP.

  • April 8: How to Build Confidence
    • Sometimes, the one thing holding us back are our own thoughts and doubts. Confidence is essential for a college student to succeed. This webinar will explore how college students can build up their confidence and academic success.
    • Sign up here

  • May 6: Reflection & Evaluation
    • Reflection and Evaluation are powerful tools. They can be used to make changes, set goals, and reach new heights. This presentation will explore how college students can incorporate this into their lives. 
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