What Resources are Available for Struggling Students

When students get to campus, they often don’t realize that there are a plethora of support services that they can utilize. College is going to present different challenges for each student. One of the things that we find is that some students will struggle academically for the very first time in college. They cruised through high school, they didn’t have to work very hard, the content was easily mastered, and their good grades were easily achieved. Other students may have worked with tutors, coaches, parents, or teachers an inordinate amount of extra time throughout high school and have become very used to working, and depending on, other people to make sure they are learning.

There are many different students on this spectrum. No matter how the students were in high school, one thing is for certain in college: they should know what resources are available to them and how they can use them.

Office hours – So many students do not utilize the Professor or TA’s office hours. For some students, making this part of the weekly routine can help push their understanding of the content and create a relationship with their teacher.

Tutors – Almost all universities will have tutors available. These may be upper-classmen or graduate students. At some schools this is free and others it is not. Regardless of the cost, students should know the tutors that are available by subject and recognize when they need to ask for extra help.

Campus writing center – This is a great resource on each campus. Most students should be able to schedule either an online or in-person meeting. Students should be setting meetings for their papers well in advance of due dates and taking advantage of these skilled writing instructors.

Counseling – Some students may need counseling to address emotional issues they’re experiencing. Most campuses will offer short-term counseling before making a recommendation to see a non-university counselor in the community. Taking advantage of these short term services can provide students with the help or guidance that they need.

Some students are too proud to ask for help, some don’t know how to ask for help, and others don’t feel comfortable doing so. We always encourage students to seek out and use the resources that are available to them. By working with a coach, students can be held accountable in this area and be supported through the process. For many students, this can drastically improve their college experience and success.

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