Start Small for Big Changes

When we work with college students, the nature of our work is to create change. We work with students to introduce strategies, improve habits, implement systems, and achieve goals. These goals are often BIG: make dean’s list, improve their GPA, find a leadership role on campus. However, when we look at students who are looking to turn things around and find more success in college, the goals usually start small so that they can grow big.

Below are some small goals that we set with students. The aim is for students to start with easy, manageable changes. This will allow them to find success, build up small victories, and get ready to tackle bigger obstacles. As you will see, these goals are focused on waking up and morning routines.

Make the bed- Of course, a classic. When students have a morning routine, they are able to start their day more intentionally. By doing something as simple as making their bed when they wake up, they are starting their day in a consistent manner. We will encourage students to pick up this habit and get an easy victory.

Eat Breakfast- Another easy goal that helps students build a morning routine. If they live in a dorm, they have to be up and moving to get to the cafeteria for breakfast. If they have their own apartment, then this means they have to regularly grocery shop, wake up, and get their day going. A simple goal can include many of the positive changes that need to start happening.

Shower Each Morning- You’d be shocked at how many college students don’t do this. By starting their day with a shower, it will help them have a more structured morning…and obviously maintain their hygiene. 

Mindfulness- It’s great when students can take 1, 3, or 5 minutes to start their day off with some breathing, meditation, or mindfulness. This can be a calming and energizing way to start each day off on the right foot. 

Working Out- Exercising is probably the single most important activity that a student can incorporate into their daily life. This will help them have more energy, better mental health, and keep them physically fit.

These goals are small goals, but they can make a big difference. They are a great way for students to easily, and successfully build momentum in the right direction so that they can improve their academics and college life.

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