How Reflection Can Help Your College Student Find Academic Success

Football teams watch film. It’s how they get better. They film a game or practice, they review it, they reflect on what happened and what needs to change, and then, they go out and implement those changes. It’s a fairly straightforward process. However, we don’t apply this principle to schoolwork or academic performance as often as we should.

As students ring in the new year, make resolutions, and prepare for school to start back up after the winter break, many could benefit from specific reflection on their academic life. 

Below are six reflection questions to help your student focus on starting fresh this semester:

  1. What am I most proud of from this past semester?
  2. What goals(s) was I able to meet?
  3. Which habits or skills helped me achieve that goal(s)?
  4. What is something that didn’t go well for me this past semester?
  5. Which habits or skills might I need to improve in order to find success in this area next semester?
  6. What do I anticipate to continue being a challenge for me in the new semester and what support might I seek out?

Think your student could use some support to better reflect on their academic life? Working with a coach could give your student the opportunity to critically evaluate their progress and set timely, attainable goals. State Street Academic Coaches can help students analyze their typical week on campus, the way they spent their free time, how they study or prepare, and the way in which they execute their plans.

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