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Don’t Miss a Football Game
Sep 28, 2021

Don’t Miss a Football Game

Fall means one thing: football. We work with many students whose fall weekends are devoted to football. Saturday means gameday, especially if the student goes to a university that has a big time college football program. And Saturday isn’t the end of it. On Sunday, there is football all day. I know not all students care about football, but there are plenty who devote entire weekends to watching and consuming football. And let’s be honest, “football” can also be other weekend activities that consume a student’s time.

When students work with a coach at State Street, we don’t try to change their schedule or their interests. We’re okay with a student spending their weekend watching football and going tailgates, or whatever their weekend activity is. However, as with most things, in order to participate in these activities, students need to plan ahead, manage their time well, and be adequately prepared for their classes, assignments, and exams.

We work with students to master their weekday schedule during the football season so they can have more time on their weekends. What does this mean? It means that student’s need to be incredibly efficient during the week. They must maximize their day time learning in and out of the classroom. They need to fit a week’s worth of work into 5 days. In order to do this, students need to be incredibly structured and productive with their free time. This may mean using a couple hours between class effectively, studying during lunch, or spending a few nights each week at the library. Whatever it takes, we will help students manage their time and work in an effective way so they have a choice to make their weekends all about football.

The goal of our academic coaching program is to help students become more effective and to reduce our stress. We know that students being able to relax and enjoy free time is an important part of college life. Our coaches work with students so they can find a balance between school and life.