Upcoming Webinars

Helping Your Child Create a Vision For the Future on April 27 @12PM 

Join Ryan Grady and Dr. Pat McBride of Galin Education as they share their expertise in guiding young people to create a vision for their life and career. In this event, Ryan and Pat will introduce parents, guardians, and mentors to several techniques they can implement to support their middle, high school, college or soon-to-be-professional children in creating a path that provides fulfillment and purpose.

Law School Admissions 101 on April 29 @7PM 

This session is a crash course in the law school application process. Learn steps you can take to craft a standout application. We’ll review the application components, how to plan your timeline, and what to consider when selecting schools

The Vital Factors for Admission to Medical School on May 10 @7PM 

How can you succeed in your dream to be among the approximately 30-40% of applicants that get into health (medical, PA) schools each year? Everyone knows that grades are important, but you are more than a grade, and you have done more than just study. What are the key factors that admissions committees assess when they look at you, to recognize that you are a whole person?

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