Upcoming Webinars

Friday, 9/25 @ 11 AM CST – How HS Students Can Thrive Online

Discover and explore the essential skills that students must utilize in order to be successful during these virtual learning times.

Friday, 10/9 @ 11 AM CST – Initiation Strategies for Stuck Students

The student who can’t get started is a common tale. In this webinar, we will discuss the strategies student can use to improve this crucial skill.

Friday, 11/6 @ 11 AM CST – The Benefits of Academic Coaching

What does an Academic Coach really do? We’ll describe the types of students we work with, how to help them, and what the process of academic improvement looks like.

Friday, 12/4 @ 11 AM CST- How to Prepare for Finals

It’s that time of year. Whether your student is in HS or College, the process of preparing for finals is the same. Join us as we talk about what it takes to crush final exams.

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