Montana State University, BS Elementary Education, BS Secondary Science Education
Montana State University, MS Science Education

Erika was born and raised in Montana and earned her degrees from Montana State University. Right after graduation, she began teaching middle school math and science and happily did that for four years until she had the opportunity to move to France. After 15 amazing months in the French Alps working on her master’s degree, she jumped at the chance to live in Kenya where she assisted with a research project on lions and hyenas. Once the project ended and she was back in the United States, Erika returned to the classroom to teach seventh grade math.

The following year, it was time to fill the moving boxes once again and she made the move from Montana to Arizona. In Tucson, Erika worked as an academic coach at the University of Arizona helping students on academic probation at risk of being dismissed from the university. She also worked closely with students who tested below college level math, both as an academic coach and as an adjunct faculty member at Pima Community College. She loved her work and continued it until her second child was born, at which point she made the decision to stay at home to raise her son and daughter. Erika’s final move happened in 2019 when she landed in Laramie, Wyoming, where she now lives with her husband and children. In her spare time, Erika loves spending time outdoors with her family, especially when they are hiking, skiing, biking, canoeing, or camping.

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