What we do

Less Stress, Better Grades, And A More Productive Academic Life

Our Academic Coaching Program provides students with virtual coaching. With an approach customized to the needs of each student, our coaches work to help students increase self awareness, optimize learning effectiveness, and become more independent. Our weekly check-ins and routine communication with students helps them with:

  • Time Management and Planning
    dfdf Time Management and Planning

    We teach students how to manage their tasks, create a weekly structure, plan for long-term deadlines and exams, and get started early so they are able to be a productive and effective student.

  • Study and Learning Strategies
    dfdf Study and Learning Strategies

    We collaborate with students to create study plans for exams, introduce learning and study methods, and facilitate learning on a rolling, continual basis to avoid cramming and stress.

  • School/Life Balance
    dfdf School/Life Balance

    We help students find the balance between their school, extracurriculars, and social obligations. Our goal is to empower students to be involved and excel in their chosen activities while they excel in school.

  • Managing Stress
    dfdf Managing Stress

    We serve as a sounding board and force of stability for students who need support managing their stress. We work to make sure students can manage themselves, manage their schoolwork, and provide an outlet for them so they can remain active and effective.

  • Utilizing Resources
    dfdf Utilizing Resources

    We will assist students to identify, find, and schedule appointments with the resources at their disposal. This could include writing center, tutors, advisors, counselors, etc.

  • Self Awareness and Reflection
    dfdf Self Awareness and Reflection

    We work with students to raise their levels of awareness so they better understand how they function and operate on a weekly basis. By helping them learn more about themselves and the way they learn, we can better help students meet their academic goals.

  • Goal Setting
    dfdf Goal Setting

    We hold students accountable. By setting weekly goals and monitoring them, we will provide the appropriate level of feedback that will help students push through stagnation, stress, lack of effort, or motivation.

Who we are



Executive Director

University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, BBA Business Administration
Roosevelt University, MEd Education



Scott received his Bachelors in Business Administration from the University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He went on to earn both a teaching certification and a Master’s degree in Education from Roosevelt University in Chicago.  Read More



Director of Admissions Counseling

Harvard University - A.B., History & completed Undergraduate Teacher Education Program
Harvard University - Ed. M., Education Policy and Management



Liz has over a decade of experience helping students and families find the right college fit. With experience in counseling, higher education research, and school leadership, Liz loves getting to know students matching their interests to the unique offerings of each college.   Read More



Director of Parent Advising

University of Illinois - BA, Teaching of English
University of Utah - M.Ed., Special Education



Lynn has spent 25 years in the world of education. She has taught all levels from preschool through high school and has been in roles of classroom teacher, team lead, and Director. In addition to her experience in education, Lynn has children who have gone to the University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin-Madison. On the State Street Education team, Lynn helps students and parents find the resources that they need at State Street Education.  Read More

Our Coaches

Our coaches come from all educational backgrounds. They are teachers, psychologists, social workers, and counselors. They are trained at State Street Education and receive additional continuing professional development.

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