What We Do

What is Academic Coaching?

Our academic coaching program helps students become more effective, productive, and independent during their collegiate careers. We help students set and achieve their academic goals and improve their executive functioning.

Who do we work with?

Academic Coaching FAQ

When should we start?

It is always best to get started at the beginning of the semester. Ideally, we like to have a meeting before classes start. However, we do work with students whom want to start up in the middle of a semester or school year.

Who are the coaches?

Our coaches come from all educational backgrounds. They are teachers, psychologists, social workers, and counselors. They are trained at State Street Education and receive additional continuing professional development.

What is coaching?

Our coaches work with students so that they are able to increase self-awareness, become more productive learners, and work more efficiently. We do not encourage students to work more, we find ways for them to be more effective in an academic setting. Each student receives a coaching approach that is tailored to their needs and customized for them to become optimal students.

What happens in a consultation?

During a consultation meeting, we seek to accomplish two objectives. First, we give the parent and student more information about the program. Next, we gather information about the student to make sure that they are the right fit for our program and to understand how we can best address their needs. This typically takes an hour and happens virtually.

How do we meet?

Meetings happen virtually. Generally, a student and coach will have 1 weekly meeting at a consistent day and time.

What are the first steps?

The first thing to do is to set up a free consultation with one of our Directors.

Grad School Admissions

What do our grad school admission counselors do?

The mission of State Street Education’s graduate school admission counseling program is to help our clients reach their professional goals by assisting them with all the components of the application process. Our counselors have worked with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, undergraduate institutions, and helped them prepare applications to graduate programs across the country. At the heart of our work with clients is the expertise of our counselors and the trusting relationships they build with you, to ensure you find a graduate program that will match your goals.

Law School

Applying to law school is a competitive and complicated process. Unlike undergraduate admissions, there is no common application; each school has an individualized application and selection process. At State Street Education, we support applicants in developing an effective, strategic approach to applying to law school. We believe in supporting anyone willing to work hard in reaching their goals on their path to law school regardless of their undergraduate GPA or LSAT score.

What We Do:

  • Develop a timeline for applying
  • Support in creating LSAT study plan
  • Guidance on selecting best-fit law schools
  • Comprehensive assistance in developing application materials such as personal statement, resume and additional essays
  • Preparation for admission interviews
  • Coaching on effective communication with law school admissions offices
  • Navigating waitslists and scholarship negotiations
  • Selecting the right school to meet your professional and personal goals

Vet School

If you’re interested in becoming a veterinarian, you’re likely already aware that the veterinary school admissions process is highly competitive. Vet schools are looking for students who have earned excellent grades in required courses and have a demonstrated aptitude for science. But beyond your grades, your essays, your interviews, and your experiences outside the classroom make a big difference. State Street’s Veterinary School Admissions Services will help you stand out from the crowd. We will help you craft applications that effectively convey your story and your strengths.

What We Do:

    While in college:
  • Provide counseling through a undergraduate studies
  • Support undergrads with course selection, choosing extracurriculars, and clinical experiences
  • Assist in completing and reviewing VMCAS application
    When applying:
  • Selecting essay topics
  • Accurately completing your academic history and supporting materials information
  • Ensuring transcripts, test scores, and recommendations are correctly submitted
  • Identifying proper letter of recommendation writers

Medical and Other Health Careers

Admission to health programs are highly competitive because health careers are both challenging and popular. Each profession requires different training and preparation, and each graduate program has unique requirements and admission criteria. Essential to admission to any health graduate program is strong academic preparation and a strong sense of purpose conveyed through personal statements, interviews, and extracurricular activities related to health care.

State Street Professionals Can Assist You With Admission To:

  • Medical School
  • PA and PT programs
  • PharmD programs
  • Masters programs in Genetics or Public Health
  • Nursing School

Business School

Applying to business school is a competitive and complicated process. Unlike undergraduate admissions, there is no common application; each school has an individualized application and selection process. We support applicants in developing an effective strategic approach to applying to business school. Pursuing a graduate business degree is a bigger question than “where can I get in?” and selecting the right program at the right school is more complicated than looking at rankings. It is a complex assessment of one’s personal and professional goals. It is the first step in a professional arc that will carry you through your life, and we are excited to help you with your journey.

What We Do:

  • Developing a timeline for applying that works for you
  • Defining and articulating your professional goals, taking into account your desired MBA experience and your post-MBA career aspirations
  • Creating a GMAT/GRE study plan
  • Selecting the best-fit programs to meet your professional and personal goals
  • Developing application materials:
    • Essay and short answer
    • Brainstorming, review, and editing
    • Resume reviewing and editing
    • Preparing for admission interviews
    • Letters of recommendation
  • Evaluating your admissions offers and waitlists

Career Coaching

Our work is centered around helping our clients understand who they are (values, strengths, interests, personality, mission) and what they want (major, career, life balance). Having a sense of purpose has been connected to healthier life choices, a stronger sense of identity, enhanced psychological maturity, improvements in goal completion, increased dedication to schoolwork, and increased levels of persistence.

What We Do

    Our work is based on helping students find that sense of purpose and move toward it with an action and accountability plan. We work with our students to help them understand the process of creating a vision for the future and how to put your best, most confident foot forward.

    Our objective is to:
  • Establish a sense of purpose
  • Create a strategic plan
  • Increase overall life engagement

Helping College Students Achieve Their Goals

We look forward to working with you!