How to Set Up a Study Group

Research tells us we are more productive when working with other people. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be actively communicating with other people, but just being around other people can increase productivity. Imagine a bunch of laptops in a conference room and everyone is working independently on their own, or two friends who go to Starbucks to do work together. Most of the time they aren’t socializing; they’re actually getting work done.

Setting up a study group (or partner) is a very effective tool to use in college. It can help students initiate better, be more on task, and ultimately, get more work done in less time. So then the question becomes, “How can I set up a study group?”

Ask friends- Do you know people in the class? If so, this just became easy. Be the leader of the group and invite everyone to meet one time per week. Send out a calendar invite to solidify the meeting day and time.

Get started from Day 1- Head into class that first day with the mission of meeting someone who is interested in working with you. Share information with a classmate, and ask if they’d be willing to work with you throughout the semester.

Send out an email- If the class size is “normal” (think 20-30 students), it will often have a class email list. Pick a day and time, and send an email to the class and see if anyone is interested in joining a weekly study group. If there’s no class email list, ask the TA or professor to send it to the class.

A study group can be beneficial for routine review, study sessions for tests, and sharing materials. It can also serve as a space where students can decompress, ask questions, and share strategies. It’s a win-win situation we encourage students to try.

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