Time Management in HS vs. College

So many students are used to going through high school being told what to do. Usually, it is parents who fill the role of conductor. They will tell their child where they have to be and when they have to be there, sometimes delivering their child right to the front door of where they are going. They will manage the process of getting them to practice, recitals, lessons, and tutors. Students just have to make their way down to the car at the time they are told.

When a student gets to college, they are now in charge of their time management. They are in charge of managing their class schedule, activities, study time, and social life. Throw in the fact that they are now responsible for everything that happens throughout the week (eating, laundry, finances, schoolwork, and more), and one can see how important it is to learn time management skills. For many students, this is a gigantic change from the way things were when they lived at home.

When students get to college, it is very important that they have a time management system. They must establish a routine and method for tracking all the responsibilities that they have. This includes managing deadlines, projects, essays, and exams. In order to properly prepare and put forth the best quality work, students must put in a considerable amount of time.

The time management piece includes students managing both their academic life and social life. If there are parties they’d like to go to over the weekend, then they need to work ahead in order to not fall behind. If they are frequently going to basketball games, they will have to manage their academic time and study time around these events. Students also have to manage their extracurricular activities. Some students participate in groups that will require them to travel. If this is the case, time management becomes even more important. Students can have significantly more free time and better grades if they are able to manage and use their time effectively.

Although it seems like it should be an innate skill, the process of managing all the activities a student has can be quite challenging. It is vital that students understand the weekly structure required and then work to manage and use their time in the most efficient way possible. They must also be able to plan ahead and use their free time effectively. When it comes to a time management system in college, students must be deliberate and consistent. With their parents no longer conducting their lives, students must hold themselves accountable in order to manage their time more efficiently.

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