How to have accountability during the quarantine

I’ve had many conversations with people over the past week that have mentioned to me “things” they’ve always wanted to do. One person told me they’ve always wanted to learn how to knit. Another said learn to speak Spanish. One friend told me that they wanted to learn how to play guitar. These rainy day items that we’ve always told ourselves that we want to do have become an even bigger slap in the face during the quarantine time. 

Not to sound too infomercial-y, but I do think it’s possible for people to do those things that they want to do but just can’t get around to get starting. This experience is similar to students who have a difficult time getting started on schoolwork. The key, as we often find with the students we work with, is accountability. It’s true during this quarantine time, and it’s true during non-quarantine time. Most human beings will be more productive when they have an accountability system in place for them.

Working with a coach can help give students this accountability. When a coach works with a student, they will make sure that they are setting daily and weekly goals. They will make sure that there is consistent communication and follow through on behalf of the student. Coaches can help the student keep the goals top of mind and help them strive to achieve them each day.  In addition, they can help be that extra piece of motivation that a student needs to take their academics, or any other part of life, to the next level. 

Just like those pet projects that we are all trying to do, some students need that extra push in order to help them achieve their academic goals. If accountability is what they need, then you can connect with us at info@statestreeteducation and talk to one of our Directors today.

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