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3 Things College Students Can Do to be Successful
Apr 3, 2019

3 Things College Students Can Do to be Successful

When students head off to college, things change drastically for them. Mostly because almost all of a student’s immediate support is removed. Even a quick question from a parent like, “How was your day?” or “What do you have to work on tonight?” can make a big difference. In addition to that, each assignment, test, and paper is much more consequential. The tests will cover more content, be worth more, and be more challenging.

All college students need to find their way and learn how to effectively manage their time, plan, and study to be successful. Below are three more things students can do that will help them be successful in college.

Self Monitoring– This is very important. Students need to be able to assess and make judgments about how they’re doing. This is obviously relevant for academics, but it bleeds into all parts of a student’s life: sleep, diet, and exercise. Even partying is relevant when it comes to self-monitoring. These habits will play a role in how often students attend class and how often they are getting the work done that they need to.

Available Resources– So many students avoid getting help at all costs. Some students may be in classes with a few hundred students in them. Others may never speak a word to their professor or TA. Students need to advocate for themselves and explore the resources available on campus. This could include teachers, tutors, writing centers, career centers, friends, or online tools. Students often need help learning what these resources are and how they can use them.

Accountability– This is a theme will all students. As much as parents wish they could hold their students accountable like they did in high school, it is very hard to do through a text message or phone call. Accountability, whether it is working to stay afloat academically or carrying out actions to reach goals, is a very important component of college. Students need to set goals, create action plans, and then execute those plans. Having someone to hold them accountable—like an academic coach—will help students be more successful in school and life.

By including these 3 ideas into their everyday and weekly routines, students can be superstars in college and find the confidence to succeed. They will be independent, self-sufficient learners who are ready for any challenge in front of them.